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Liquid Bubbles

Welcome to E7 Macro: Unlocking Global Markets

Top down global macro strategy in currency, commodity and index futures has delivered a track record of solid returns since its inception leverage our deep knowledge and expertise to identify trends and opportunities in the markets. Taking a unique approach at the futures complex watching all liquid futures market.


Weekly Risk Mnagement



FX, EQ Index, Commodity



Quantamnetal Research and Catalyst Recognition



Directional bets (long vol)  Typically with market trend seeking postiive return convexity


Equity Index

Current Market View

Market looking forward at the next week at a litany of economic and earnings events. The market sold off  (welll felt more like a rotation trade from growth to value on Thursday. Market will likely digest new information and result in trading range of 4450 - 4550, leaving a bit more risk to the downside. Likely to be more important than the numbers out of MSFT/APPLE is price action is the resulting and its ability to define the trend. 


July 24, 2023

  • S&P "flash" U.S. manufacturing PMI

  • S&P "flash" U.S. services PMI

  • Monday, July 24: Domino's Pizza, Applied Blockchain, Bank of Hawaii, Dynex Capital, HBT Financial, and Hope Bancorp.

July 25, 2023​

  • Microsoft Earnings

  • Consumer confidence

July 26, 2023​

  • FOMC decision on interest-rate policy

  • Fed Chairman Powell press conference

July 27, 2023

  • Initial jobless claims

  • Durable-goods orders

  • GDP (advanced report)

July 28, 2023

  • PCE index

  • PCE (year-over-year)

  • Core PCE (year-over-year)

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